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August 16, 2017 by
Let Your Spirit Come

If you have been wondering what the radio silence is all about… and what happened to work… well. I wonder too. I’ve been writing through the months but I haven’t been satisfied with the way I got them digitised so I have not been able to work much on Sera Prints. However, you are welcome to follow my adventures over at SeraPrints (the instagram feed),

Also… Etsy had made a push for a different mode of payment and fee collection. I admit to being completely gutless to plunge straight in so both shops are on “a short break”. You still can head over to check out the reviews left on past purchases (more Sparkle Thots). But in time to come, I’d offer some items for sale right here on the blog.

Meantime, it is back to practising because practice makes pretty! And being the typical Asian tiger mum. Hah.