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Crafty Desk Updates | ST 09/2014

September 5, 2014 by
Initially Yours

It has been a while since the last Crafty Desk update. I’ve been kept busy with orders and am thankful for that. Packing each of them has and is always a highlight. And it is such a delight to be part of someone’s special gift. So much care is always taken in crafting the item and wrapping them so that opening them will be a delightful experience.

Initially Yours Initially Yours

New pretties have landed in store. I like to think the jewelry should be personalised and customising bits and pieces of everyday accessories is always fun and meaningful. These lovely alphas allow for so much freedom. You can choose to have just the initials, to spell out words, to form meaningful coded messages. The possibilities are endless.

And because these are dainty, you can choose to layer them over existing necklaces for your own unique take. It goes well with just about everything. ps: if you are interested in these, please do contact me. I have limited stocks of each alpha. And some are running low (friends on instagram have gotten a preview and their custom requests in!).

Initially Yours Here’s another variation on initials. You can tell I’m somewhat obsessed with letters this year. A good thing too because I think these make awesome Christmas gifts! Again, these come in limited quantities. I’ve obviously squirrelled a couple of letters away for myself.

So… anything caught your fancy?


I note that shipping seems to be taking a tad longer to reach these days although the official postal agency stand is that it is about 10-14 working days for international mail and 2-3 for local (Singapore) mail. I really do advise early shipping if you have a deadline to meet (say a birthday, anniversary, christmas, wedding). Do add a little more time to your planning especially if you are intending to customise something. I do want the final thing to be something you like love and this discussion usually takes a bit of time.

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