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Air Dry Clay Projects To Inspire

July 16, 2015 by
Craft A Project | 6 Air Dry Clay projects to inspire

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alphabet containers | faux gold knobs | tealight holder | circle garland | handmade pots for terrariums | cloud magnets

Clay is a pretty fun medium to work with. Unfortunately most forms require some form of heating/baking to remove the moisture and set it. Thankfully air dry clay does not. There are many variations in the market, from the cheap to the expensive. I’d suggest that you experiment with the cheaper range (or even, make your own!) before delving into the more expensive series. There’s so much fun to be had!

** While these projects are easy to DIY, it takes a wee bit of work and getting used to.

Ps: remember to store the extra clay properly in an airtight container or you’d find that it has hardened and you can’t work on it for a new project…

On a hunt for more projects to craft? Check out the pinterest craft-a-project board for more inspiration.

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