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Curating My Perfect Planner

July 21, 2015 by
Planner | Curating my idea of a Perfect Planner

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Have you got a planner? Do you want a planner? Heh.

I recently hopped onto the bandwagon after attempting to resist it for the longest time. I finally got myself a pretty light pink planner and have started to build it into my idea of a perfect planner. While I get myself there, here’s a selection of what I think is perfect for my needs.

I decided not to have too many decorative items. While I love how beautiful some planner pages get, I really just want something to sort my schedule out. Most of the readily available planner page inserts did not work well for me so I’m still experimenting right now. But at the moment, Arlyn’s are a very close match. I also did away with most extras but kept to some rainbow washi (for colour coding) and clips (for easy access). I’ve settled for a good functional pen, to jot notes in and help me keep time. And that’s that!

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