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I’m Glad #009

October 5, 2015 by
Remembering the little things... There is something to be glad about to be found in the everyday! | Blog series at

This week went by in a whirl. The schools continued as per normal, with adjustments made in view of the haze. It is the final quarter and both kids are wrapping up the academic year. With this year end, K shifts out of kindergarten and into primary school. Hooboy.

  • I’m glad that the plants are growing. With the notorious black thumbs I have, the green sprouts are always a welcome sign.
  • thankful for whatsapp chats that help keep everyone updated and sane. The PSI goes up and down in a jiffy. It is worse than the stock market.
  • grateful that we are well-stocked with masks to help with filtering the haze. The snowy-wannabe scene is driving us all nuts.
  • happy to start and trying to follow through with more scrapbooking moments.
  • glad for small pockets of time to practise calligraphy and brush script.
  • ok-ish with the graduation photos. Glad to see K stepping up too.
  • waiting for the year end exams. Grateful for the teachers J has been blessed with. They are a good fit for him.

“The I’m Glad Project”

Drawing inspiration from Pollyanna, the I’m Glad project is a weekly feature to remember to be glad for the everyday.

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