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I’m Glad #010

July 12, 2016 by
Remembering the little things... There is something to be glad about to be found in the everyday! | Blog series at

The months went by way too fast. I had many things planned, and a lot of things were changed. I wanted to pick up speed on Sera Prints but the kids really needed me more. So that took a back burner.

I thought with 2016 rolling in, I would be able to step up my game. But again, other things happened. But through it all, I am thankful for the little mercies that we see everyday.

  • I’m glad that after the period of adjusting to primary school, K is more or less settled. She had a tough transition. Her first time wasn’t smooth sailing. But thankfully, everyone in class has mellowed and there haven’t been many incidents since. (And just like that, we are in term 3!)
  • I’m thankful for the good teachers that we have been blessed with. J has a heavy workload at school but he has been a trooper. Well, except for Chinese, we are all going strong.
  • I’m heartened as we serve in the new church, te children are making friends and are adjusting relatively well. May they always turn to Him. To keep in His ways.
  • I’m grateful for the pockets of time to dwell in His presence. As we serve, we are taught. I’m learning much and I’m more than ever thankful for the support of the ladies. Together, In Christ, we can do anything.
  • Delighted to be able to practise calligraphy. It is a lovely way to meditate in His spirit and His word. There is such joy to be found!

“The I’m Glad Project”

Drawing inspiration from Pollyanna, the I’m Glad project is a weekly feature to remember to be glad for the everyday.

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