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Begin Again

January 3, 2017 by
AY Begins

Hello kiddos, the new academic year began today. I’m thankful that we made it to both schools in time. Even if it was just barely… that still counts. But what mattered most was the prayer that papa said before you hopped off the car with a cheery wave.

Thank You God for the fun times we had, the trips we did, the steamboat dinners and the memories made. Thank you for the learning we are going to do, the growing and changing of character to be more like You in Your strength.

Indeed. So as we start the year with the same-old, we want to emphasise the power of prayer, and of positive confessions of His promises.

Prayer is acknowledging and experiencing the presence of God and inviting His presence into our lives and circumstances. It’s seeking the presence of God and releasing the power of God which gives us the means to overcome any problem.

Stormie O’Martian, The Power of a Praying Parent

So many ways to begin but none as important as being before Him. We aim to build many habits this year… but for January we’d start with these :-

  1. journaling : instead of the reminder jar, journal a verse, a reflection and something to be thankful for (because there is always something to be thankful for!)
  2. reading : of the bible, and of books
  3. tidying : pack up after you are done. Developing a sense of responsibility and ownership.
  4. Sunday reset day : after a whirlwind week of activities, restore your room to its original state.

Ok? Ready, set… let’s go!

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