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Week 1 Refuel

January 8, 2017 by

One week in to the new year and here’s our report card for the week.

  • kids are nicely settled in their classes. it definitely helps that there are familiar faces.
  • a wee bit of exercise has been done.
  • most of the schedule has been adhered to… and the rooms look decent. Still.

J has got more chores to do about the house. He mops (every few days, I do a round before the kids get home), packs his room and has the unenviable task of helping his sister keep to hers. No helper, live in or part time, means it is all hands on deck (and you close an eye to the standards). The real test hasn’t kicked in yet because we are just on school days. Not daze yet… where there are test, assessments and CCAs.

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