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RIGHT NOW #2017-004

August 14, 2017 by
Right Now #004-2017

Time :: 12.16pm

Listening … 想当年 The Songs We Used To Sing.

Reading … my facebook “on this day” feed.

Eating … apple chips.

Drinking … cold brew.

Wearing … comfy home clothes.

Feeling … sleepy. Busy weekend that just flew past.

Wanting … to crawl back into bed for a nap.

Needing … time to slow down just a little.

Planning … to pot the rooted rosemary.

Anticipating … busy weeks ahead with CA2s.

We had quite the week. With a national day picnic with the church family and a good turn out from K’s friends. It was a good time to fellowship with other class mums… especially seeing that we are almost down to one final term before the class gets ‘separated’. The girls have grown so close, it will be difficult. But they will definitely make new friends.

T4 had an open house and we managed to grab some tickets. The petal clouds installation was lovely. Clearly going to be a big hit. Though the heritage zone did put up a hard fight. The highlight though perhaps was Max — the convertible neck pillow.

Now to get back into the swing of things before… thursday rolls around. Another short constipated week of lessons around here!