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I’m Glad #011

July 18, 2016 by
Remembering the little things... There is something to be glad about to be found in the everyday! | Blog series at

That was quite some week. Pretty much like the weather, blowing hot and cold all at once. We are all adjusting to the ‘new’ term, though truthfully, it will be over just as we settle nicely into routine. K has her writing enrichment and clay art, and J has an endless slew of programmes. If you peeked into my diary, you’d just see entries to the kids’ afterschool programmes and test dates. And all these ‘school endorsed‘.

The hot topic for the week has got to be the new PSLE system slated to kick into place for K. The guinea pig batch so to speak. The chat groups were on fire. Everyone seems to have come to the same conclusion, we really didn’t make matters better. Maybe, even worse. But there’s precious little to be done. So there.

This week I’m glad…

  • to find the time and opportunity to catch up with an old church mate. The conversation was delightful. It has been a good many years since we last saw each other face to face. A kindred spirit, a sister in Christ. Always a welcome sight.
  • for time out to attend a retreat. Group prayer in the spirit is amazing. And jumping into the river to commune with Him? A blessing.
  • for time to write. To meditate on His word. Especially with the heady scent of Sunday’s blooms. Beautiful rest indeed. It provided a lovely respite.


“The I’m Glad Project”

Drawing inspiration from Pollyanna, the I’m Glad project is a weekly feature to remember to be glad for the everyday.